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This collection, recorded on high quality audio, features all 36 exercise/movement lessons from  A Manual Therapists' Guide to Movement, averaging about 25 minutes each. This engaging collection is a highly recommended accompaniment to the book as it allows you to stay focused on the exercise sequences while easily participating in each movement lesson.

**This individually packaged audio collection is designed primarily for those who have already purchased the printed version of A Manual Therapist's Guide to Movement and wish to purchase the audio portion separately. An electronic version of the book and audio will soon be available, where the audio is embedded within the text.

This is NOT an audio book. It is a recommended accompaniment to the  printed version of the book.  

Audio Collection Outline

    1. Basics

    1. Chapter 3 - Lesson 1: Be a Better Ball

    2. Lesson 2: London Bridges

    3. Lesson 3: Xs and Os

    4. Lesson 4: Be a Better Bow

    1. Chapter 4 - Lesson 5: Cherry Turnover

    2. Lesson 6: Baby Rolls

    3. Lesson 7: Sitting Circles

    4. Lesson 8: Heads Will Roll

    5. Lesson 9: Side Sit Spirals

    6. Lesson 10: Eskimo Rolls

    7. Lesson 11: Sitting Circles II

    8. Lesson 12: Sitting Circles III

    1. Chapter 5 - Lesson 13: Pelvic Tilt

    2. Lesson 14: Side Sit Bending

    3. Lesson 15: Wishbone

    4. Lesson 16: Side Lie Transitions

    5. Lesson 17: Cat Camel

    6. Lesson 18: Side Sit Transitions

    7. Lesson 19: Sit to Stand

    1. Chapter 6 - Lesson 20: TA Facilitations

    2. Lesson 21: TA Diagonals

    3. Lesson 22: TA Leg Lifts

    4. Lesson 23: Half Kneel Bending

    5. Lesson 24: Split Stance Bending

    6. Lesson 25: Knee Walking

    7. Lesson 26: Steppin' Out

    8. Lesson 27: Dead Bug Roll

    9. Lesson 28: Low Back Kata

    1. Chapter 7 - Lesson 29: Slip and Slide

    2. Lesson 30: Rolling the Foot

    3. Lesson 31: Horsing Around

    4. Lesson 32: Heel to Toe

    5. Lesson 33: Toeing Off

    6. Lesson 34: Starting Blocks

    7. Lesson 35: Squat Pivots

    8. Lesson 36: Peerless Pivots

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Physical Therapist, Author & Instructor

I started my physical therapy career in the early 1980’s. Yes, I've been around awhile! Growing up as a movement junkie, I enjoyed games, sports and martial arts. I went to PT school hoping to learn about movement. I learned lots of great stuff in my rehab training, but learning about how the body moves or how to get a body to move better was not one of them. For this, I had to venture outside traditional rehab sources. I have studied the Feldenkrais Method, T’ai Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong over the last 30 years, and have incorporated elements of these movement systems into my PT practice. Learning and utilizing these systems opened my eyes to the unintentional mistakes and erroneous assumptions seen in much of both rehab related and fitness related exercise. I knew I wasn't alone in my search so I started teaching continuing education courses to rehab professionals in 1999 hoping to share this knowledge with my colleagues. I've written 2 books: A Manual Therapists' Guide to Movement (book & audio) and Outsmarting Low Back Pain (booklet & video).

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