Welcome To Our New Online Courses Website

At TMS, we're committed to providing you with a great online course experience. In all our courses, we'll be encouraging you to view movement, exercise and musculoskeletal injuries in a whole new light. We specialize in the nuts and bolts of integrated movement, or more specifically how the various parts of the body cooperate with and support each other in a coordinated state of mutual benefit. We'll be helping you to look past the exercise and see the movement, to look past the parts and see the patterns. So, dive in and have fun!

Benefits Of Our Courses

Experience The Difference!

  • Professional

    Improve patient outcomes & home exercise consistency while increasing your word of mouth & physician referrals. Our patients love this stuff & often wish they had learned about movement sooner!

  • Personal

    Feel better in your own body, improve your personal affinity for movement & decrease the need for strenuous manual techniques. Understanding Dynamic Movement Principles benefits you and your patients!

  • Enjoyable

    Get up out of your chair & participate in the pre-recorded, active movement labs. It's this rare combination of clear didactic reasoning & eye-opening experiential training that makes us unique & our courses so engaging.

Educational Resources

Live Courses, Freebies & More

  • Live Seminars

    We offer many 1 & 2-day movement-specific courses. For those interested in the full IMAX experience, we also teach a 2-year certification program. We're a small business and committed to our passion. We teach public and private courses nationally, internationally and at state conferences. To learn more please visit us at MovementSeminars.com

  • Move of the Month, Blogs & Article Reviews

    Hungry for more? Check out our Move Of The Month videos; 15-25 min. videos published monthly for the aspiring movement therapist. Our Blogs & Article Reviews will help deepen your understanding and keep your mind active by digesting smaller, bite sized chunks of content. There's something for everyone!

  • Award Winning Video Program, Books & CDs

    Outsmarting Low Back Pain features 24 gentle exercise/movement sessions averaging only 15-30 minutes each. A Manual Therapists' Guide to Movement Book & CD Collection examines the use on non-traditional movement systems in a PT setting, focusing on orthopedic conditions or injuries.